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Ductless Heat Pump FAQ

Littleton Colorado homeowners are turning to ductless technology in record numbers. Have you wondered if a ductless mini is right for you? We can help. Following are some of some of our most popular questions about ductless heating and cooling.

Q: Does Littleton Colorado have a good climate for a ductless system?
A: Yes. Ductless systems are gaining popularity throughout the Littleton area as more people discover their advantages. In addition, because of their super high efficiency, many ductless systems qualify for big savings through regional utility rebates and incentives. Daikin offers extended temperature systems which are perfect for our climate.

Q: What is a ductless heat pump?
A: As the name implies, a ductless heat pump is a system that does not require duct work to provide heating and cooling to your home. No duct work makes it ductless. A ductless system is an energy-efficient heating and cooling solution that provides versatile indoor air conditioning without requiring standard HVAC ductwork to operate. Like a conventional ducted system, your ductless HVAC system can heat and/or cool multiple rooms in your home. This is sometimes referred to as zone heating and cooling.

Q: How does a ductless heat pump work?
A: The system is an easy to install 2 part systems consists of an outdoor unit (compressor) that is connected to one or more indoor units (evaporators) by refrigerant lines that run through a three-to four-inch hole in the outside wall. The number of indoor units used will depend on how many zones, or rooms, you need to heat or cool. Each outdoor compressor can operate up to four inside units, letting you target the specific areas inside your home. When more than one indoor unit is used with a single outdoor compressor unit, the system is known as a ductless mini-split system.

Q: Will a ductless system completely replace my current heating or air conditioning system?
A: It depends. In many cases a ductless system may replace your existing heating and air conditioning system. At other times, we may match this new technology to your existing system. As an example, we may recommend to keep your existing furnace as a back up or supplemental heating during colder winter months. Either way, rest assured that we will always keep your best interest in mind.

Q: How do I hire a ductless contractor?
A: Hiring the right contractor is the most important part of the process. You want to find a contractor who has been properly trained on ductless technology. We’ve worked hard to achieve Daikin 3D Dealer status. As a Daikin 3D Dealer you know we’ve attained the highest level of training and can provide additional warranty benefits.

Q: Does it matter what brand I choose?
A: We think so. We have chosen industry leader Daikin for our brand of ductless mini splits. Daikin is the world’s largest manufacture of ductless systems and offer the best warranty, the highest efficiencies and the broadest product selection.

Q: Are they aesthetically appealing?
A: Indoor units are attractively designed so they won’t clash with your home décor. Units are typically installed high on one wall, though some models consist of a recessed ceiling unit. Free-standing floor units are also available for those who prefer them. Additionally, Daikin has released their Emura which is modern and appealing wall mounted unit that matches any home décor.

Q: What type of control is available for a ductless system?
A: Choose between an easy-to-use handheld remote or a wall-mounted Honeywell home connectivity thermostat.

Q: What are some common applications for a ductless mini split system?
A: Ductless systems are very versatile and have a wide range of uses. Consider a ductless heat pump for these situations:

Single room comfort – we’ve installed ductless in just about every type of room, including: living rooms, exercise rooms, sun rooms, theatre rooms, poker rooms, and the ever popular man-cave rooms.
Building a new home – new construction is an excellent time to discover ductless. You’ll save on not having to install all the ductwork and you’ll love the energy savings that are available.
Home remodeling – you may find you need heating and cooling in an area of your house. Instead of creating more ductwork, consider going ductless.
Home additions – if you’re converting a garage or attic space into living space, a ductless heat pump makes a great choice. They’ll provide a practical and cost effective solution.
You want to upgrade an outdated system – the energy efficiency of a ductless system makes them a great choice when you’re ready to upgrade.
When you want to add AC – Protect yourself from outdoor contaminants and allergens, like pollen, smoke while keeping your home security intact.

Q: How efficient are ductless AC systems?
A: Ductless systems have an excellent reputation for energy efficiency, using 25% to 50% less energy than central air conditioning systems. Because they use variable-speed compressors, zoned operation and duct-free performance, they use less energy than conventional systems. The consistently high SEER ratings ductless systems earn for air conditioning performance and the high HSPF ratings they earn for heating performance attest to the efficiency of these systems, with these ratings often far exceeding the minimum performance requirements for energy efficiency. Ductless system SEER ratings have exceeded 26, and the HSPF ratings on these systems have topped 11.5.

Q: How long have ductless systems existed?
A: Ductless systems were developed in Japan in the 1970s. They were intended to be improvements on window air conditioners. The Japanese are well-known for their great respect for efficiency, so it’s no surprise that they would have developed such a highly energy-efficient system — and one that made life more convenient by getting air conditioners out of windows and creating a quieter-running unit

Q: How much does a ductless air conditioning system cost?
A: The price of a ductless AC system will vary based on manufacturer, model, system capacity and a number of other factors. Other factors that impact overall cost include how far refrigerant lines and copper tubing must be run to connect the indoor and outdoor units as well as the degree of complexity of your install. Get a quick quote

Q: Are incentives available for ductless AC and heating systems?
A: Various incentives, such as tax credits and cash rebates, are available from utility companies. These companies understand the rising cost of energy and reward consumers for making energy-efficient choices in heating and cooling products. Find out if you qualify

Q: How long will a ductless system last?
A: Ductless heating and cooling systems will last for decades, providing home and business owners with dependable indoor comfort and convenient, cost-effective, energy-efficient operation. If you keep it well-maintained, your ductless air conditioning system should give you over 20 years of reliable service.

Q: How much maintenance does a ductless system require?
A: It’s important to schedule routine maintenance for your ductless heating and cooling system. Just like any piece of equipment you’ll need to clean it regularly and schedule maintenance.

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